For those who don’t already know, Twitter is a phenomenal service that gets users to answer one simple question: “What are you doing?”. Now there are many people who use Facebook, and those who do know that they can perform a “Status Update”, which is much the same as what Twitter does. But while they both serve the same purposes, the major difference between the two is that Facebook is a closed network and Twitter is an open one. This means that the only people who can view your status updates in Facebook are your friends and anyone else you authorize to see your profile.

With Twitter, anyone can view your profile and the updates that you post, but then many will ask: “Why do I want everyone to view my updates?”.

The catch with Twitter is that while you could literally post updates about what you are doing, it would quickly bore anyone who looked at your timeline of updates on your profile page. So instead, many users on Twitter use the service as a way of discussing and sharing their interests. To help group people with similar interests together, Twitter has a system where you can “follow” other people on the network. When you follow another user, you will start receiving their updates (known as Tweets) in your timeline. This also applies when a user follows you, and they will receive your Tweets in their timeline.

In addition to how Twitter brings users together, it also has a quick and easy system for replying to Tweets and also has a private messaging system implemented as well (known as Direct Messaging).
With a quick and powerful way of communicating with other people at its core, Twitter also has a search engine that will hunt for relevant Tweets matching your search queries from everyone on the Twitter network and will display the most recent Tweets first in descending chronological order.

So if you want to try something fun, new, and fresh. Give Twitter a go, and feel free to follow me if you’d like. ^^