I heard on the evening news today that two students who just graduated from high school had been killed in a car collision. One of these two students I once knew back in junior high and although I wasn’t very close to them, I still feel deeply about what had happened to the individual. It goes to prove the point that human life is undoubtedly delicate and so fragile that like a snap of the fingers, a human life is ended instantaneously without second thought.

When I think back that just a few months ago I saw this person, how much they had changed in the short time span from when they left junior high. I am a firm believer in a person’s personal freedom and choice that they should be able to do whatever they wish, but I also made the assumption at that time that they had their whole life ahead of them to change their mind. How very wrong I was. Now they will never be able to fufill their dreams and hopes of what they aspired to be and strived to achieve.

Although hearing about this has greatly impacted my view on life and everything that surrounds it, it goes without saying that every choice you make should be and will hopefully always be your decision without the influence of pressure from any other person, place, or thing. Life only gives you one chance, and if you mess it up, there’s no going back to undo the damage that’s been done. So to anyone who reads this: be smart, act wisely, think sharp, and enjoy what life throws at you while staying out of harm’s way.