I made the decision to update my Photoshop CS3 to CS4 yesterday and while the installation went successfully and I love the new interface they’ve used, I seemed to have some issues pop up after restarting my PC. First thing I noticed right off the bat was iTunes refused to open my database file so all my play counts, ratings, and playlists went out the window. So I ended up creating a new library and importing all my content into it, which I will now copy and backup the database file after making any major changes or additions to from now on because losing all that metadata is not really a nice feeling at all.

For some reason after I finished restoring my iTunes library, my Recycle Bin icon started appearing full when there were no files inside it. After trying numerous fixes which didn’t do anything, it turns out that the corrupted iTunes database file I had earlier somehow ended up making itself non-deletable, explaining why the Recycle Bin had appeared full. In the end, I did an error-check on the disk I suspected that the hidden corrupted file was on and now the Recycle Bin has returned back to normal.

After fixing everything I only wonder if Microsoft created Windows as a way of testing one’s computer skills and their ability to persevere in how well they can deal with problems or issues that may arise with use of the operating system. It seems that way to me because I’ve garnered alot of experience from fixing software problems by using Windows. I suppose it’s a good thing I can troubleshoot issues and be extremely patient, otherwise I might begin having health concerns. ^^