This past week, the Twitter development team gave the web homepage a complete face lift. There were two obvious reasons as to why they did this, for one: to help new users understand how to make use of the service, and for two: to really capitalize on its search capability.

Going into detail for the first part, Twitter has often been found difficult for new users because they simply don’t understand the point of the service or what to do when they first sign up. The new Twitter homepage makes a clear attempt at clearing the confusion up by changing what formerly used to say “What are you doing?” to “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world”. It further shows this by a big section underneath the now giant search bar which I will discuss later which shows the current trending topics by the minute, day, and week. For those who are somewhat lost, trending topics are considered topics that a mass majority of the Twitter network is discussing at that time, and the homepage now displays these trending topics in three different ways. Another great feature they added to trending topics is that for most part, clicking on a trending topic will give you a short explanation of what that topic is all about, which proves extremely helpful to many Twitter users, myself included.

As for it’s search capability, the search bar is now front and centre of the webpage, practically begging the user to key in a search query to see what other people think about that. Search has played a huge part of Twitter but the old homepage never even had the search function anywhere in plain sight except for a link at the top of the page that looked quite out of the way. Now it’s become a huge part Twitter because you can search for practically anything and someone’s bound to be talking about it.

So for those of you who stayed away from Twitter because you were confused or thought it was pointless from the old slogan, you might be compelled to give it a try now, seeing how it’s better than ever and will continue to evolve into something even more fantastic than it already is.

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