So after using LiveJournal for about a month, I realized I couldn’t put up with those ads anymore regardless of how they were positioned/placed. Adding to this, I also felt that LiveJournal simply didn’t offer the flexibility for what I wanted to do.

Therefore, I’ve chosen to switch over to which I hope and certainly believe will accommodate what I intend to do with my blog very well. As I began setting up my blog on earlier, I was absolutely amazed by the clean and intuitive user interface offers that LiveJournal didn’t. This was nice because it made my blogging experience that much better already. Alongside that, I also enjoyed how you can change the properties of a blog post in one window without clicking a link and going to another window/tab to change it.

I have yet to discover any limitations has but I’m very pleased with how it performs so far in comparison to my experience with LiveJournal. I love lots of the features has to offer, such as the integrated stats system and the loads of themes that it has to use. I also downloaded and installed the WordPress application from the App Store on my iPod touch and I think it’s awesome that I can view my blog in a clean mobile format while being able to edit existing posts and create new ones.

Because I only started my blogging adventure less than a month ago, I decided I might as well import my blog posts from my LiveJournal account onto here to fill some space so it doesn’t look so plain and boring while providing my new audience something fun and interesting to read.

On a last note, I was originally torn between LiveJournal or when I was first deciding on what blogging platform I should use. I’m glad I ended up using in the end because so far, I really do like it more.