After setting up my blog and importing my content from LiveJournal yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a WordPress for iPhone app available as well. Excited about this, I proceeded to download and install the application on my iPod touch and see what it was like.

To say the least, I was amazed by the feature set the application offered. Being able to edit and create new posts on-the-go was definitely a big thumbs up for me, because I could type away any ideas I may have for a blog post on-the-fly and have it sync online when I got back home or within the vicinity of a wi-fi hotspot.

Of course, no application is without areas or features it can improve upon, and WordPress for iPhone is no exception. In my experience with the app so far, I found that for starters, the user interface could use some polish and touching up. Some of the icons, most noticeably the loading circle, are not positioned correctly and I thought that its placement was in a poor location as well.

An addition I think that would improve the app by a fairbit is offline editing. With it’s current state, you cannot view or edit entries unless you’re connected to the Internet, except Local Drafts which are stored on the device until you upload them online.

Overall, I think that WordPress for iPhone is a great application for extending the flexibility of the WordPress experience. ^^