The web has all sorts of cool tools and applications that enhance your browsing experience, but I want to share 4 really great tools that I find make the web that much better. Enjoy!


Many if not all of us have channel surfed on the TV searching for something interesting or entertaining to watch to kill some time. StumbleUpon is the web equivalent of channel surfing on the TV, where you click a single button called “Stumble” and it will randomly bring up a webpage that matches your interests. It does this by asking you what kinds of content you enjoy, whether it’s video games, technology, fashion, or even science. By selecting what you enjoy StumbleUpon will generate web content that matches your interests.


The word “backup” often generates a lot of distaste because general computer users complain it takes too long or is a hassle to maintain current copies of, until a disaster strikes then they regret not having one. Dropbox simplifies the work-laden process of backing up by automatically syncing content you copy into a Dropbox folder on your computer to their web servers in case something ever happens to the computer.


Awhile back I was looking for an effective way to keep my web bookmarks in sync across different computers and web browser platforms. I looked into many different solutions for trying to do this. Some had a syncing application installed and the content would sync from application to application, but I thought this would be too much of a hassle to run and maintain, so I wanted a central server-based synchronization solution. This is where I came across Delicious. While Facebook is considered “social networking”, Delicious is appropriately titled “social bookmarking”. By importing all my existing web bookmarks from different browsers across different computers, I had all my bookmarks in once place for easy access and organization.


Ever wonder how much time you spend wasting on games or how productive you are in a day? Wakoopa can tell you by tracking your software usage statistics, sorting them, and displaying them to show you how much time you spend using certain applications. What Wakoopa also does with your usage statistics is provide suggestions for other applications you may also enjoy using and there are user reviews that accompany these suggestions.