The App Store is the central hub for adding more functionality to your iPhone/iPod touch in the form of applications. Unfortunately, the developers of these apps may offer their apps at no charge for a short period of time (usually 24 hours) before it reverts back to a paid application which can make it difficult to track down these kinds of deals before they expire. But with the help of a few tools you can get in on many bargains to save money on what would be expensive apps. Listed below are three websites I use to keep track of these temporary freebies that can help you save money on the App Store.

FreeAppAlert: Gathers a list of paid apps that have been reduced to free that day and posts its findings daily.

FREE APP A DAY: Provides one paid app that’s usually a game for free that day.

Free Game of the Day: OpenFeint endorses this site and provides one free app everyday here although some are Lite versions on occasion.

I hope these 3 websites will help you save some of your hard-earned dollars on the App Store, and if you have any other suggestions for free app trackers feel free to share them in the comment section below.