As I roll through tasks on my computer throughout the day I often have many windows open at a single time. Chances are not all the opened windows are related to the current task at hand but rather they sit there in the background and I’ve discovered they frequently distract me from what I should be doing.

This is where Dexpot, a free virtual desktop manager jumps in that allows you to have up to 20 virtual workspaces at any given time. By having additional workspaces I can group windows that are related to a task I’m working on in one desktop and have another group of windows related to another task in a different workspace. By doing this I can focus on the task I’m working on in one workspace without being distracted by unrelated windows to that task sitting in the background (i.e. A web browser with my RSS feeds that would pull me away from what I should be working on).

But having virtual workspaces isn’t just limited to grouping windows together. If you have a small screen on your computer (My current PC notebook display is 13.3-inches), you can essentially give yourself *more* screen space by not cluttering your single desktop with all your open windows. It’s also a cheaper and in this case, free alternative to buying a separate monitor if you need a bit more screen real estate.

While Dexpot is loaded with lots of configuration options on how you want your virtual desktop experience, I’ve taken screen captures of my 3 favourite ways to switch between workspaces below:

Full-screen Preview

Desktop Switcher

Task Switcher

Dexpot as of this time of writing is only available on Windows and I suggest giving it a spin if you’re in need of a bit more screen room or just want to try having multiple workspaces.

You can find more information about Dexpot and download it for free here.