Gosh its been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been somewhat occupied with other activities that the blog sort of became forgotten for a little bit although judging from the stats I’m still getting some visitors so I dearly thank those who check in every now and then!

Anyways as far updates go I recently fixed the fan in my laptop which had been making a buzzing noise every time it span up making work rather difficult with this persistent sound coming from my computer all the time. The solution for the interested party is a drop of sewing machine oil in the fan bearing (My laptop has been out of warranty for quite some time so opening it up didn’t matter).

I give all credit to this article for making that irritable buzzing noise finally go away.

As a result of coming back to my blog after being absent for the summer I finally got around to streamlining the blog some more since it looked really cluttered when I signed in.

Changes include the following:

  • Posts are now excerpts on the Home page after I figured out how to use the More Tag on them
  • Removed the email subscription widget since the vast majority of the world now uses RSS and/or Atom feeds to read web content
  • Slimmed down the number of visible entries on a page to 5 to reduce the amount of loading and scrolling readers have to do
  • Made more efficient use of the Menu Bar and added relevant Categories for navigation
  • Scrapped and redid my Categories and Tags since they were a mess

I look forward to keeping up with this blog again since my last real post in June 2010 which garnered a significant amount of traffic to my blog.

P.S. I finally got around to watching “The Social Network” and after seeing Mark Zuckerberg post relentlessly on LJ when he was hacking Harvard’s servers I thought it’d be a good time to update my own blog.