Update and Oct. 25th, 2010: The Day Productivity Came Back


Gosh its been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been somewhat occupied with other activities that the blog sort of became forgotten for a little bit although judging from the stats I’m still getting some visitors so I dearly thank those who check in every now and then! Keep reading


geek | life Turns 1 Today!

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Only a year ago today did I decide to switch from LiveJournal to WordPress.com to make my blogging experience better because I felt it offered more flexibility and options than LiveJournal did. Keep reading

New Blog Platform

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So after using LiveJournal for about a month, I realized I couldn’t put up with those ads anymore regardless of how they were positioned/placed. Adding to this, I also felt that LiveJournal simply didn’t offer the flexibility for what I wanted to do. Keep reading

Square Enix

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So I decided I’d jump back into my video game routine again and play something decent for once instead of all those pick-up-and-play games. Upon looking for a game I could really immerse myself into, I thought of Final Fantasy for some strange reason. Now a chunk of the population might also say Final Fantasy as well, just because the series is so well developed with rich game content and a likeable plot line. As most of us would know, Final Fantasy is developed by Square Enix, who are responsible for a number of well received game series and stand alone titles as well. Keep reading

Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Computer Problems Galore

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I made the decision to update my Photoshop CS3 to CS4 yesterday and while the installation went successfully and I love the new interface they’ve used, I seemed to have some issues pop up after restarting my PC. First thing I noticed right off the bat was iTunes refused to open my database file so all my play counts, ratings, and playlists went out the window. So I ended up creating a new library and importing all my content into it, which I will now copy and backup the database file after making any major changes or additions to from now on because losing all that metadata is not really a nice feeling at all. Keep reading

The Fragility of Human Life

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I heard on the evening news today that two students who just graduated from high school had been killed in a car collision. One of these two students I once knew back in junior high and although I wasn’t very close to them, I still feel deeply about what had happened to the individual. It goes to prove the point that human life is undoubtedly delicate and so fragile that like a snap of the fingers, a human life is ended instantaneously without second thought. Keep reading

First. Blog. Entry. Ever.

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As the subject states, my very first blog entry ever. I’ve been kinda skeptical about starting a blog simply because of the commitment that I thought was involved.
Evidently enough, I’ve decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon to see what it’s all about and really decide if this is something I could enjoy doing on a consistent or occasional basis.

I guess I’ll find out. =P