Evernote 4.0: The Thought and Idea Capturing Tool I’ve Finally Been Waiting For


For those who don’t know, Evernote is a tool that essentially captures all your thoughts and ideas into one place so you can come back and organize it all later. It’s a really flexible tool that can be adapted for many purposes and I highly recommend it to anyone who has lots of stuff to manage in a day.

I’ve been using Evernote for less than a year and while I really like it for its syncing and the ability to capture everything that comes through my head I had a few annoying points to pick with it. Keep reading


Dexpot: A Free Virtual Desktop Workspace Manager for Windows

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As I roll through tasks on my computer throughout the day I often have many windows open at a single time. Chances are not all the opened windows are related to the current task at hand but rather they sit there in the background and I’ve discovered they frequently distract me from what I should be doing. Keep reading

avast! 5.0: A Free Antivirus Solution That Doesn’t Suck


Windows 7 is now out all over the world, but even as a more secure operating system, it’s still vulnerable to malware and viruses. To protect my PC from these threats I’ve been using avast! Antivirus from ALWIL Software for a couple years now and in the time I’ve had it installed on my PC its provided top notch protection from harmful websites and potentially infected files. Keep reading

Windows 7 Review

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While Windows 7 officially releases October 22, 2009, I already have the Professional x86 edition activated and humming along on my PC notebook thanks to the MSDNAA benefits I get from my post secondary institution, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m rather impressed with Microsoft’s latest OS in a frank comparison to Vista. Keep reading

WordPress for iPhone

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After setting up my WordPress.com blog and importing my content from LiveJournal yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a WordPress for iPhone app available as well. Excited about this, I proceeded to download and install the application on my iPod touch and see what it was like. Keep reading

The New Twitter, Well Kinda

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This past week, the Twitter development team gave the web homepage a complete face lift. There were two obvious reasons as to why they did this, for one: to help new users understand how to make use of the service, and for two: to really capitalize on its search capability. Keep reading

Google Chrome

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Everyone uses the web to do all sorts of things these days, whether it is email, online banking, games, or watching videos. The web has evolved with leaps and bounds in the past decade and now has the capability of doing more things than ever. Of course while the web evolves, the web browsers are continually trying to catch up to meet the latest standards the web uses to ensure a smooth end user experience. Keep reading

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